Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Big Debate - Neither One Impressed Me

Nothing new, a lot of mud slinging going on.  What kills me the most is that neither one of them knows much about economics.  If you have a 16 trillion dollar debt you need to start making some cuts and that means everyone will be affected. 
They need to start from the top down. 
1) Set an example and congress takes a pay cut
2) Special programs for all levels, needy, homeless, education, etc need to take a cut.  Instead of sitting in shelters and twiddling their thumbs (and I have a family member who does that so I have first-hand experience) get them out on the streets and do a little work.  Stop the woe is me syndrome.
3) Stop spending needlessly, remember my example the other day of 11 firetrucks, four towtrucks,  and 10 hazmat men.  Do what we do in Mexico, send a patrolman, a firetruck with four men, and one hazmat.  How many government employees does it take to clean up a 20 quart oil spill?  (answer on tomorrow's blog)
4) Stop doing redundant road work.  Here in the valley, Hwy 83 has been under construction now for over 25 years and they still can't complete the stretch between Rio Grande City and Zapata, Tx.  I drove it on Sunday and Monday.  There is a 50 mile stretch that is limited to 45 miles per hour.  No wonder the valley can't grow, it turns business off if it takes that long to get something somewhere.
5) Bring home the troops and start closing bases.  There's enough trouble right here at home to keep all the troops busy.  One is to secure the borders.  Two, stop drug use in the U.S. Three, use military within the boundaries of the U.S. to bring crime under control.  The murder rate is at 16,000 a year and they're turning their nose up at Mexico.
6) End pork barrels for once and for all.  I don't need to be reminded of some lousy politician by seeing his name glorified on a street, bridge, library, or government building.  Stop, enough is enough.
7) Let doctors do their job and remember that they are human beings not gods and make mistakes.  Every f)=(&)(=/&  commercial on U.S. television is about a bladder sack, mesh vaginal net, or some other b.s. that has gone wrong.  They don't tell you how many went right, so let's just sue the s--- out of doctors until their insurance is so high they can't make a buck unless they charge $90,000 for a pacemaker only to find out that if you have no insurance they will give it to you for $35,000.  
8) It is the government who approves these rip offs, not the voting public.  Give the power back to the voter not the politician.
9) Reduce welfare immediately.  Stop giving things to people who need to get off their butts and get a job, stop making babies because they are so careless knowing they will be helped out.  B.S.
10) Eliminate the two party system.  All it does is keep things from getting done.  What has happened for the last thirty years is to see who can stalemate the other by sitting on their hands because they have the majority.
If you believe that the government or the politicians have your best interest at heart than this is not a country I wish to belong to. 
Good night!


  1. The national debt is just about equal to the gross domestic product. This is like earning $75,000 per year and owing a total of $75,000 between mortgage, credit cards, etc. I am sure many individual families are is worse shape. It is not like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

    I agree that a multi party system is better. Coalitions can be formed issue by issue to keep pressure on the government. It works well here in Canada.

  2. Part of the problem Chris, is that a lot of people still don't think there is a problem.

  3. Wow I love all of your points! If only politicians would follow your common sense approach to governance.

  4. Welfare in Florida is about $109 a month. I am sure they are living it up.