Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking Forward To Winter

I spent the weekend here at home.  Ran a few errands, did some studying too.  I am now working on another project that will include another preparation for another test for high schoolers to enter the university.  More science and math than the other one but very similar.   I think I can whip it out this week.
Just waking up here at 5:30, I am heading to McAllen again but this time to pick up materials and head to Laredo where I have a presentation tomorrow.  My mistake, sort of.  There was an error in the calendar and the event tomorrow showed being scheduled for the 15th.  On Friday, I got the confirmation that it was on Monday.   However, my part of the error was that I didn't read the whole request, not realizing until yesterday it was in Laredo.   Well, not a big deal I guess, the drive is not too long, less than three hours.
I figure I should be in Laredo by 3:30 and in time for a nap.  Good thing is, the school is across the street, less than one block.
All this work is making me anxious for our winter trip.   We should be relaxing in Hacienda Contreras about the time Kevin and Ruth get there.   We will take the same route as last year staying the night in Guadalcázar, SLP.   We are really looking forward to getting away.  Yesterday we went into town and the talk all the way there and back was our vacation.   We just weren't able to get away this summer and need to make up our rving miles.
I may have two weeks free the end of October and we can go somewhere along the Texas coast.  I love South Padre Island this time of year.   While we were there in August for my birthday it was fantastic.  Hopefully we can get the same spot.


  1. So are we! Fun times ahead. Just drop an email a few days ahead to make sure we are not out gallavanting when you are due to arrive. Happy trails.