Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forest Fire Close To Home

 Taken from behind the church in the main plaza of Santiago. Yikes!

 As you know, here in Santiago we live in between mountains.  Near our house are the famous waterfalls, Cola de Caballo.  Just up the road from there, lightning struck the mountainside last night provoking a forest fire.   Helicopters were sent up there early this morning as light broke dumping water in their huge buckets that they pick up from the lake.   Looks like it is under control and they say by this afternoon it should be out and then under a watchful eye for flare ups.   We have been very lucky this year with fires as well as heavy rains from hurricanes.  Let's hope that is end of fires for now.  There are lots of people who live up in the mountains and getting help up there is difficult.  There is only one road up and it can be sketchy in parts.

Today is September 5th.  In 1920 Alvaro Obregon was elected president of Mexico.  Also, in 1951 on this date, Mexico completed the nationalization of PEMEX.   The beginning of the end.   When will we learn that governments can't run companies.   Take a look at Amtrak,  what a joke, and no offense to anyone who works for the rail line.  I like riding Amtrak, but it is heavily subsidized and needs to make it on its own.  There are more here like the electric company CFE, another bureaucracy that drains money out of taxpayers pockets, makes it easy for 50% of the population to sling a cable up over the wires and draw off free energy.  Once that cable is there, good luck getting it removed.  "Ay señor, mi patrimonio, es  mi derecho" (but please sir, this is my patrimony, it's my right).   When will we ever learn.  Reminds me of a song.


  1. Hey Chris. Nice to see the Blog up again. Glad the fire is under control. That is a very nice park.

  2. That was too close for comfort. Glad it was controlled quickly. I love watching the buckets being filled in our lake but hate the reason for it.