Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning - Flea Market

Off for the flea market in McAllen.   This one is located right off the bridge on the U .S. side.  We haven't had breakfast yet so we will find some tacos there I am sure.  

Last night we met with some friends and their  kids and went out for Chinese food.  It was good catching up on things and seeing how the kids grow so fast in less than a year.   One of the girls is taking band in secondary.   I was shocked to find out that if she wants to play in the band she has to buy her own instrument.  I thought public schools were free?  They had to pay $600 for a used horn, the new one costs $1,300.   Incredible.  I asked if the school had instruments for the band and the Melina said that they only had five total and they gave those to the poorest kids.  Wierd.

We watched SNL last night and it was better than previous shows.  I guess with the elections coming up and them playing around with Obama and Romney adds to the laughs.

Well, let's see what the flea market brings us.   I have my training this afternoon at 6 p.m. but it is only an hour.  We plan on heading home tomorrow before noon.  All is well with the rv and the rv park although they are anxiously waiting the return of the snowbirds.   With the price of fuel and the border issues I have a feeling people may shy away this year.   Last year it certainly wasn't a full house.


  1. My sons are now 40 & 36. We had to buy their instruments for band even back then. My parents had to buy my horn when I was in band 50+ years ago and that was in the mid-west. I believe we are going to have a big Snowbird season. Heating cost are higher than ever thus makes Snowbirding a better deal.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. With the recession and the plunge in property values, and thus tax revenues, public schools are dealing with greatly reduced budgets. Music programs, P.E. and libraries are taking the hit.

  3. We had to buy our daughter's trombone when she took band in high school and that was 30 yrs. ago. The school did provide football uniforms, however. go figure!