Sunday, September 2, 2012

WooHoo Nexflix Does It Again!

38C Today!  Good thing we have water!

I told you we dropped our cable and now watch local news on the television and we use for the big three national channels in the U.S. and PBS (free).   We signed up for Netflix last December when they offered one free month no strings.   I like it, it is not the same version as the U.S. but we do get the option of languages and subtitles which I have become accustomed to reading in Spanish even when the movie or progam is in English.  There is lots of filler using Ted Talks but I see more and more stuff I like, especially classic movies.

We got hooked on Breaking Bad and watched all three seasons in like two months.   We don't watch any other television shows so we don't know anything about Seinfeld, Friends, Grey's Anatomy, and so on.  But Breaking Bad was a killer.  Then we found out that season four hadn't been given the green light for Netflix.  Well, last month when we were in McAllen we watched Netflix.  It changes automatically to the U.S. version.   I found season four so I thought we would wait until we got home only to find out that Netflix Mexico didn't have it.  Bummer.  So I sent a mail to Netflix explaining the situation.   

Guess what?  I got a reply this morning saying it was now available.  Woohoo, we already knocked off two episodes today.   That show is really great.  

Now for something off topic, the following link was very disturbing to me.  I won't post any headers or titles though.  I can't believe this didn't make national news in the U.S.  Something is off here. 


  1. Hello Chris,

    With regards to USTVnow,
    How much bandwidth?
    Will it work on WIFI?

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. Hi Chris...Just found out you are back to blogging.I've been reading your blog for a few years and always enjoy your insights..Missed you while you took a break..So good to see you back. Carol

  3. Roc, Surprisingly enough it works great, there are three resolutions, the free subscription is always low res., but we have no complaints.

  4. Carol, I should have sent out a notice to let people know I'm back but it hasn't happened yet. This makes a good reminder, thanks.

  5. Maybe just too much political cr*p in the news. No se!

    I put a link on my blog post today letting my wee world of readers know you are back!