Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Earthquakes and Thunderstorms


What a crazy day.  We started off with some small earthquakes.   The ground shook here in the Zona Citrica early this morning.  The water moved in the pool, I didn't feel anything other than some strange feeling.   In Linares, about an hour from here, the ground really moved and left a few cracks in people's homes.  

I went to the gym and then did some work around the house to prepare for my departure next week.  Lots of stuff still up in the air though.   I will get filled in next week when I meet my new boss.  I'm actually looking forward to the job, knowing it is part-time makes it even more exciting.   Extra cash to travel and get some goodies for boondocking like those dreamed of solar panels just to make a mention.

I had a nice nap this afternoon, woke up and about ten minutes later lightning struck next door.  The light was so bright my eyes still can't seem to adjust.   I was looking right at it when I had heard the crack.   It went on like that for about an hour, windows rattling and the sky lighting up.   The cats were freaking out and hiding in the living room.   I watched the power cut out several times before it final gave out and did without it until around 6 p.m.  I had the generator in the shed so I fired it up so I had a fan, internet, and lights.   That Honda 2000 has been a real lifesaver over the years.

As I look out into the backyard, our gazebo was blown about a meter off its pad, and the lawn furniture went flying.  I guess I'll have to go out there and get things back in order.  I can't complain about the rain though.  

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