Monday, September 10, 2012

Folkloric Dance Weekend

Recognize the guy in the back (third from the left)?

Friday night was the final performance of the dance group, there are three now under the same name.  Fundadores (seniors), Internacionles (adults), and then the Juniors.   There was a dance festival in Monterrey all week and groups from all over Mexico came to compete.   It was a real show and it brought back memories as it always does.  

After the performance the dancers and the live music took it down to the basement of the theater where it was dance, drink and song.   We stayed for a couple of cold ones and then headed home.   On the way we  stopped for some delicious molleja tacos (grilled and chopped sweetbreads).   Sounds awful and I wouldn't eat sweetbreads as a kid but the way they are done here are excellent.

Yesterday was my shopping day.  I spent a couple of hours wandering around the Home Depot talking to sales people and pulling their leg to see how much they know.   Saw lots of cool stuff but we don't need to do any more remodeling. 

Today, Sunday, is lazy day.   We stayed up late last night watching SNL.  It was a Christmas show rerun but we got a good laugh out of Hoda and Kathy Lee.   I have been reading a lot about time travel and the physics which prove it to be a very good possibility and that it could be underway as we speak using the giant colliders that have been built around the world.   Very interesting, at least to think about it. 

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  1. Oh I wish we were there! Is that Juan? I can't enlarge the photo enough to be sure.... We've seen the folkloric dance performances in La Joya (RGV) and at the Pan America U. in Westlaco... can never get enough of this wonderful historic music/dance. Again... wish we were there!!!!!!