Thursday, September 20, 2012

They Came Back Again This Year

Yesterday afternoon I drove down to Allende to the school to drop off some exams that the teachers need to take for the new program.   Great drive by the way,  mountains were really giving quite a show along with the sun shining through the clouds.  

When I got home and pulled into the driveway there was a lot of commotion up in the trees.  Small flocks of birds darting one way and then another almost as if something had scared them.   It startled me at first but the I could see some dark clouds coming and I chalked the experience up to the weather.  Afterall, birds seem to have a sense like all the rest of nature. 

Later in the evening as I began happy hour, I was in the bedroom and again I heard some strange noises outside in the backyard.   There was no wind, no lights  except off in the distance.  I turned off the lamp next to my bed in hopes I could see something.   At that very moment there was a large swooping sound and something brushed up against the window screen in front of me.   This wasn't ordinary wing flapping and after a few minutes it came to me.  They were back. 

You see when we moved here in 2001 from the city I had had a similar experience.  I had come home late one night in September, the yard lit from the moonlight.   What happened next literally scared the pants off of me.  The wind in the tree tops picked up, branches swaying back and forth, even though there was no wind.  I heard an enormous rush of air and at that moment something big and black flew right over my head.   I could see the shadow on the driveway, a wingspan of at least nine feet.   Then came two more, one after another.  There were three of them.  They sat up in the tree tops and the sound from the leaves rustling in the trees created by thier wings made me want to run but I couldn't.   I watched for several minutes, went into the house and wondered what had we done by moving here.  Something was wrong.

At that moment yesterday I knew what it was.  Las tres brujas, the three witches.   I kid you not.  Every year since we have been here, they have appeared in September.  It's as though they come when the summer heat is on its way out and the fall weather is on its way in as if to signal the change.  Without fail, they appear each year.   They don't seem to do harm to anyone although they make quite an entrance and just seem to hover around the tree tops.  I was a bit concerned last night as the screen on the bedroom window has come out at the bottom.  The mind does mysterious things and for a few moments I was afraid something might come in. 

I stick to my story incredible as it may sound.  I kept it to myself for several years for fear people would think I was off balance.  Now I realize, these things do exist and even though I may not have physical proof, it is real.   When the kids come out this time of year they won't go out in the yard after dark as they have my testimony to the fact that las tres brujas are back.   I have mentioned it to a couple of neighbors but no one seems to want to talk about it.  Best left unsaid, I say.   They bring me good news of the weather, they hang around for a week or two and then it is another year before they make their appearance.

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  1. Sounds like you are getting ready for halloween :>)