Friday, September 28, 2012

Finished The Week

What a week.  I did more driving than anything else.  That drive from McAllen to San Antonio is a killer.  This week I drove over 1000 miles.  That was tough. 
Yesterday I gave my presentation to 91 students in a rural high school.  My rating based on their evaluations was 92%.  My "jefa" thought it was great.  She said I did a fantastic job and that I was a part of the team.  What brought my rating down was that I had some difficult kids and had to move them around, eight to be exact so there retribution was rating me lower on the evaluation.
I actually had one student tell me,  "you need to stand back, now.  You're too close".  I looked at her and thought, "Who do you think you're talking to?  I am an adult.  I am a teacher. I am a guest in your school".  But I knew that would be the beginning to an end of this new venture.  I just blew it off and kept going.  Takes all kinds I guess.
It is wonderful though, I love it and I have passed the initiation stage.   To top all this off, I had to be fingerprinted today.   Many schools want fingerprints and background checks.  Of course, the state of Texas has a contract with a private company.  I felt like I was there to give plasma or something.   Scary place to be, but the only place I could find was in Brownsville.   I think there is some corruption going on there between the state and the company that does the fingerprinting.  Anyway, that humiliating task is done and I can continue my work (I hope :) ).
I then headed out for Monterrey.  I guess you have been reading the news and shit is hitting the fan along the border.  Just as I had predicted, the end is coming or at least a change.  November brings a new president and I am hoping some changes come with it.
Back to McAllen on Sunday as I have another presentation on Monday and one on Thursday. 

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