Monday, October 8, 2012

Heading Back In The Morning

Wow, it was a fun weekend.  Being back in Mexico was heaven.  I did all kinds of stuff including some work things as well.    I practiced my presentations again, now that I have a new one this week I need to keep up on the math and sciences problems.  Ouch! It has been so long.
I went to a birthday party Saturday night, I stayed until about 8:30 and then headed home.  I wanted to watch SNL but my laptop had been acting up.  Problems with the sound and microphone.  I did get them fixed but not until yesterday.
Today I took care of business. 
I dropped by my accountant's office to leave my monthly paperwork (in Mexico we file monthly via internet)
transferred some funds from here to there
made my medical insurance payment which went up about 9 dollars a month over last year
did some paperwork and scanned documents
went to FedEx and dropped off a contract for the publisher (new editing project)
stopped by Walmart and bought a headset that was on sale for 50 pesos
works great
waited for the exterminator who comes every month and paid the six month contract
and I went to the gym
I did a load of wash and ironed some things for my trip this week.  I leave tomorrow and have work on Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  I have just been asked to work next Monday in Eagle Pass.  Not sure if I want that, it is a six-hour drive one way and I would have to stay two nights leaving Sunday and coming back on Tuesday.  They pay me $375 just for the drive plus expenses, hotel and pay for work.  Is it worth it?  Not sure.
I don't know if you are keeping up on the news or not, they military is picking them up left and right,  big shots.  Looks like we are preparing for a change in November. 


  1. Only a decision you can make re Eagles Pass. Seems like a lonely place to me.

    We have been keeping up with the latest 'news'. Things are happening rather quickly lately. Changes...time will tell.

  2. Good thingyou didnt go, it is hard to find any hotel rooms with the oil workers reserve whole hotels. They are cracking down in coahuila, hopefully a step towards the right direction. - saludos