Thursday, October 18, 2012

What A Night!

The weather here remains hot during the day and the last two weeks extremely humid.  I noticed the cats started scratching and with the weather I knew it was fleas.  I have had good luck over the years with the Front Line drops that you put at the base of their necks but it seems to have stopped working. 
I decided to nip it in the bud and took them to the vet for a bath and a new flea product called Revolution.   I dropped them off at 9:30 in the morning and went back around 6 p.m. to pick them up.  They said that Missy was still being dried, wierd I thought considering I had them there early. 
Finally they brought them out in their carriers and they were howling in a low voice, sluggish and I wrote it off to stress.  Imagine, most cats don't care for water and I have never given them a bath.  So I paid the bill and off we went for the quinta.
I then realized after letting them out of the carriers that they had been sedated.  That kind of pissed me off because nobody told me.  Had I known, I wouldn't have had them bathed.  Little Bit is 12 years old and the last thing he needs is stress.   I took them out and they just hung around oblivious to where they were.   I decided to put LB on the bed because that is where he spends most of his time.  I went to bring him some water and . . . . .  it was too late.  He was lying in a puddle of urine.  Oh S---!   Good thing the mattress has a plastic cover under the mattress pad for protection.  
Off came the sheets and the mattress cover and off I went to the washing machine.  By the time they were washed, it was dark outside and I thought if I put them in the dryer I might forget them.  In the meantime I pulled out another set of sheets and made the bed.   I took the sheets and the towels (that I used to soak up the pee) starting putting them on the line (my solar clothes dryer), I miss stepped and my foot went into a small hole in the grass.   I heard the crack as I went down and I knew I had done some damage to my ankle.   On the ground, moaning and groaning I realized no one was going to come to my rescue.   I got up and hobbled into the house and by the time I hit the kitchen there was a baseball size lump on my ankle.  Great!  I went to the bedroom and surveyed the damage.   I began to massage it and after about 15 minutes the swelling went down.   I woke up this morning and all was fine, a bit tender but I went running at the gym for forty minutes and did lunges without any problem.
Also, I don't know what got into me today.   I had an urge for a vegetable juice.  I used to be a juicer,  for about 15 years.   Everyday I made or someone made a juice for me.  I stopped by the market and spent a whole 3 dollars on vegetables and pulled out my old beat up juicer.  Still works!  I made celery, spinach, tomato, and carrot.   Delicious.  I guess I will begin again.   With my extra earnings I may just by a new juicer.   Sure do miss my idol, Jack LaLlane. 


  1. Well... are the cats okay? I figure you'll let us know about your ankle, but... the cats? Really, I do hope the damage to your ankle is just temporary. With all that going on, I sure hope the flea stuff works. Our daughter's dog scratches all the time... allergies I guess... maybe she'll take him to the vet and get him sedated ... scratch that... un-infested.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cats. They really should have told you about the process so you could have decided.

    But the post was indeed a pleasant read.

  3. We had the same thing happen to us while on the road in the RV. We had to take our female cat to a Vet in Houston for a little condition she has. This is treated at home about once a year without any problems. When we picked her up we found the same thing you did with the same result on the bed. We were ticked, not at our kitty but at the Vet. It was nearly a day before she was back on her feet and a month before she was normal again mentally. When we returned home we spoke to our Vet and she was just as ticked and said that he used way too much sleep juice. SO, we know just how you feel. Hope your kitties are better. Sounds like your are ok with the ankle. Hang in there!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  4. Ooh poor kitties. Not nice. Sorry you had such a day but you were being a great Dad. Next time you are in the US pick up a bottle of witch hazel ( anywhere, even Walmart I think ). I keep this in the RV for emergencies, it works great on sprains. Just wet a small cloth and put it directly on the sore area and cover with saran warp or similar. Change it out every so often. Next day there will be very little bruising or swelling.

    You were very lucky my friend, could have been far worse.