Saturday, June 6, 2015

History In The Making - Elections in Nuevo Leon

Tomorrow is the big day.   For the first time in the history of Mexico, an independent candidate has the opportunity to win state elections in the governor's race.

We are currently under lock down in term of  Ley Seca (dry law).  No alcohol has legally been sold since midnight last night. 

There are three major candidates; Ivonne Alvarez, PRI,  Felipe Calderon, PAN and Jaime Rodriguez (aka El Bronco) as the Independent candidate.  

It has been a rough six months as they have been digging up dirt, paying people to commit to a party vote (can't happen in reality because once the person is inside the voting booth they will vote as they wish but it has an impact on the pre-election results), up to and including editing and false phone call recordings.

El Bronco is the chosen candidate even by the ever present PAN party here in the north.  PAN members have ceded their positions to Bronco and have promised to support him including major investors, stockholders and company CEOs.   Unlike the U.S., people in Mexico are fed up with the heavily promoted two-party system.  

Stay tuned for results this week.   

I also wanted to talk about Mexican universities but I will keep that for another day this week unless you are a Facebook friend and I will be posting some information and pictures there.

We've had a great week weather wise with only one evening shower.   Let's hope it holds out so we can get our roof done and also plant some grass and fertilize.  Happy Weekend!

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