Sunday, June 28, 2015

Should We Be Jumping Up and Down?

I'm not jumping up and down.  I've seen these ruling go haywire and decisions reversed.  First off, you know I'm conservative and will always be that way.  Yes, we're happy for those who want to be happy but there is an underlying current.

Take into account the ruling of 5 to 4 and the fact that any decision made by the Supreme Court could always be reversed.   Clarence Thomas made it very clear in his sermon that the constitution does not tolerate this type of change.

Also, what is marriage anyway?  For me, being a conservative, is an institution that protects families.  It has pretty much become an abandoned institution since the beginning of Vatican II.  Marriage, and I've said it before, is not about a couple.  It's not about the love between two persons.  Marriage is for those who have children and want to raise them in condition that improves society as a whole.  Vatican II not only destroyed that, but you can see the  societal deterioration that has followed especially in the Catholic church.

Marriage was never meant for two people who may or may not be together for any length of time.  Hence we have divorce at an alarming rate because the institution is not valued.  If marriage really were an institution, it would provide for women who have been impregnated by a man and force him to take charge of his responsibility.   That's why marriage doesn't work today.  It's too easy to get out of.  I know I'll receive flack for this but it is my blog and my space to say what I feel corresponds with my beliefs.

There is no reason for two persons, hetro, gay, and all the other combinations that exist not to have a legally binding contract.  I should have a right to see my partner in a hospital, institution, legal access to real estate, pensions, and bank accounts.  That's what the law should be focusing on and provide, not marriage.  Two very distinct concepts.  

The jury is still out and the debate is just starting to heat up.  Notice this was approved to land on a weekend and reduce the impact on both sides.  There is a lot of politics involved in this.   Flaunting your winning can do considerable damage in the end.   We shouldn't be shoving it down people's throats but being humble and giving it time to sink in.   Look what happened with civil rights.  Started out on the right foot and has now ended up with greater racism than before.  It's not about black people and it's not about gay people.  It's about the majority (society) and what they will tolerate. 

So I'm not waving a flag, marching in a parade, but hoping that this ends on a good note.  I've seen too much in my life and know what discrimination is and how these changes can backfire.  I hope I'm wrong but only time will tell us.


  1. I was anxious to read your take on this. I was not disappointed. Excellent post. Steve

  2. It was such a great parade when along comes Mr. Grumpy and his rainstorm. ;)

    Don't mind me but I am jumping up and down and I don't have a dog in the fight. Just some friends. I am happy because the decision has made this world a slightly better place. Also, the Rainbow Flag is so much nicer to look at than the Confederate Flag.

    1. Croft, I am happy for those that are happy about it. I just have a fear that this will have a backlash and that's what I'm worried about. And yes I agree, a rainbow flag is much nicer than that "old rag" as Kris C. called it. For me the jury is still out on this as there is so much ignorance about being gay and what it means and what science says. Also, you know me well and I can be a bit grumpy. Juan calls me Debbie Downer.

    2. I think the more acceptance and tolerance we show for each other, the more people will be open to learning about each other. There is so much ignorance out there and I think living close to an openly married couple might help erase this ignorance. Some people still believe it is something they or their kids can 'catch', like a cold.