Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Trip To Ciudad Juarez


I received a call on Friday for a trip to Cd. Juarez in Chihuahua.  Sure, I get to go somewhere, work with a school, and earn Aeromexico mileage.

When I left yesterday for Mexico City it was almost a red eye flight.   I met my coworker at the airport and we traveled to Mexico City.   From there the flight didn't leave until 10:30 p.m. and we arrived in Cd. Juarez to the hotel after 1 a.m.  It was raining in Monterrey and hot and sunny here in Juarez.

Not what it used to be, Cd. Juarez has changed its image.  I think I mentioned that last time I was in El Paso.  People on both sides of the border travel back and forth freely without any worries like in the past.   I gave a presentation to parents at a school today and they were very excited to talk about how the city has grown, become safe and life is back where it was eight years ago.

The picture above doesn't do justice.  It was taken from my hotel room and it is the back side of the hotel and there isn't much to see.  The avenues are wide, good sidewalks with ramps for wheelchairs and the streets are clean and well kept.   

It was a fun day working with parents, teachers and students and they were happy for me to be there.  We had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant where I had the best lettuce (bok choy) soup, broccoli and mixed vegetables and rice.   Lots of conversation with the distributors and a couple of authors who were in town for other events.  

Tomorrow I do it again and then we are leaving early for home.  It's a two and a half hour trip direct to Monterrey if we can make the change otherwise it's back through Mexico City.  The school year is coming to an end.

An important announcement, Juan received a six-week scholarship to work at the University of Arizona in Phoenix.  I won't be going because it will be way too hot.  I checked at San Ramon rv park in San Miguel de Allende and they want 4500 pesos for a month in the middle of the summer.  Hell no!  I put out some feelers for a boondocking spot long term hoping I get some bites.  If not, I may just go and stay for a couple of weeks and then return home.


  1. 4500 pesos ($290 US) a month is cheap for SMA Chris! They put it up there in the summer because people run their A/C 24/7. Juan will melt into a blob on the sidewalk in Phoenix!

  2. What you are leaving Juan to fend for himself! Congrats Juan, you deserve it. Chris, remember, mi casa es su caca.

    1. Trust me, he'll be living like a king in an air conditioned apartment on campus and probably end up running the show. :) I'll be boondocking in Guanajuato. I looked for something to do in Phoenix but it's too damn hot!