Thursday, June 18, 2015

Regarding My Last Post

I mentioned racism and it was right on time.   The event in Charleston is pushing the envelope in terms of changes that need to take place.  This kid killed nine people in cold blood.  These people weren't criminals, cartel members, gang members or drug addicts.  Innocent people who had gathered in a church to pray.  The killer hates black people.  How can you hate another human being?  I just don't get it.

Slaves in the U.S. built the country and they did it for free.  The weren't given the opportunity to charge Americans anything, they never received a dime for their blood and sweat.  It was blood as they were raped, beaten, killed and abused physically and mentally.   It didn't stop with the Civil War either.  It goes on today.

It's not over, it's not forgotten and there is a large group of people who truly hate black people.  Someone taught this youth to hate black people.  He didn't pull it out of the thin air.  It is something that has been going on for a long time.  

Guns are creating havoc around the world.  They threaten the innocent,  are responsible for literally over 150 million deaths in just the last century if not more depending on how you count.  It's sick. 


  1. Well said Chris.....Couldn't agree more!!! Marilyn

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  4. Instead of becoming better over the years, the world is slowly heading down hill. How crazy was that father to give his son a gun for his birthday?

  5. Well said my friend! Now they are telling us the only way to protect ourselves from wackos with guns is to carry a gun ourselves. Insanity.