Monday, June 8, 2015

Mexico Makes History - First Independent Candidate To Win Governorship

Still waiting official results on Wednesday but preliminary results are in and by a landslide.  Jaime Rodriguez (El Bronco) is the new governor of the state of Nuevo Leon.

The two major Mexican parties, PRI and PAN took a beating.  We are waiting for the statistics on funds spent by candidates but the PRI pulled all stops and spent millions of pesos.  El Bronco had little to no support to the point where he had a plane which flew over our house with a recording on a beat up speaker giving a message.   

In the end, democracy wins and the people's voice has been heard.  State senate results will determine how hard it will be for him to move ahead with his plan he is presenting in October when he officially takes office.


  1. Maybe a good sign for Bernie Sanders NOB?

  2. Happy to hear that he won! Let's hope he does the state proud!

  3. Us Bauer's seem to get involved when it comes to politics.It must be a dad gene. Here at my complex i had a neighbor nickname me Mayor as i am always fighting some entity or our own complex management.