Saturday, June 13, 2015

Not Sure What Summer Will Bring

I've lost my steam on working this summer.  I have worked way too much this last year and I'm through.  Juan isn't sure if he is going to get his scholarship to Arizona State for th summer.  If he doesn't, it's off to higher ground for the rest of the summer or as long as we can.  I may stay out longer if he has to come back.  The heat this week is borderline 36C.  The nights are still cool but it is getting later and later, in other words, it was around 10 pm and it cooled off, now it's midnight and soon it will be 2 a.m.   No thanks.

I put some time in the yard this week with grass seed and fertilizer.  One week without rain and high temps it's time to start watering the grass.   I want my old yard back.  Huge mistake relying on someone else.   A year and a half ago we asked the gardener to buy some topsoil.   We gave him the money.  We should know better.  He got cheap dirt filled with all kinds of crap, pocketed the proceeds and left us with a yard full of weeds.  We ended up killing most of it off.   Now the front has large barren spots.   That's my project now.

Today we bought paint, the painter is supposed to show up tomorrow at eight in the morning.  We'll be ready.   I hate deferred maintenance.   We went to Home Depot for the paint and I bought a door for the bath that is off of the kitchen.  It has a hollow door and it looks like crap.   I wanted a hardwood door to match the rest.  I will be responsible for sanding, staining and varnishing it.   Finding a door hanger is another job.  I'm not messing with the fit and finish of the hardware and the door.  

The pool is in better shape now and we are using more frequently.  It was a task but hey, somebody has to be in charge and tell people what to do.  One of the problems around is the lack of education on part of the worker.   He is older, knows it all, but really doesn't and he won't take advice.  I can bitch about him but we can't replace him either. 

A new neighbor coming on board.  He is building a house on an empty lot two door over.   There is talk about a gated community going in also on our street, that would be a welcome neighbor too.  

Next two weeks I end my school visits and consulting.   I'm ready to drop out for the summer.  I also want to share with you the TIF, which is the USDA equivalent for meat inspection in Mexico.  Mexico exports a lot of animal product to the U.S. and Canada.  A teacher I work with is a veterinarian and does inspection at a packing plant not far from our house.   Very interesting what she has to do to even enter the plant not to mention the inspection, analysis, and certification process.   Most foreigners think it doesn't exist.   Maybe this week.  

Also, Monday morning I have my visit with the cardiologist.  Anxious to see if the diet of the last six months has made a change in my health.  

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