Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Celebration San Miguel de Allende

Our potluck at the rv park in town was a big success. Yes Jonna, you should consider firing up the Lazy Daze and taking a winter trip. Lots of people showed up, I don't have an official count but there must have been 35 to 40 people, mostly rvers. We had turkey, chicken, Juan's excellent green beans with bacon and potatoes, a wonderful focaccia bread, a very tasty rasberry cobbler made by a guy who works in Kings Canyon (I'm terrible with names, shame on me). We talked about everything from rving to politics and culture. Some of the rvers are heading to South America. One couple plans a 3 year trip leaving on Sunday for Argentina. Can you imagine what that will be like! A dream come true. Others may head to Australia to rv the outback.

Here's a picture of (left to right) Terry, Les, Journey of a Lifetime blogger, Claudia from the Netherlands and another neighbor from La Siesta.

Here's Juan with Mike and Terry Church, Rolling Homes Press having a chat and a glass of wine.

Being the rv nut that I am I had to find all the owners and ask for a tour. These lovely ladies from Quebec have a Class B van that they custom designed. Very practical and roomy. They are lots of fun and what I am learning is that I may have to start taking French lessons.

Croft's wife Norma Croft's Mexico Blog sharing a good time with me. Today, Norma is getting us all together for a potluck at their place.

A Merry Christmas to Wandering Willy who is somewhere outside Mexico City!

Finally, Merry Christmas to everyone, friends, family, and all the rvers who are in Mexico!


  1. ohhhhh.... give Mike an Terri a hug from me. I wish we were there, even though you all look like you are bundled up for the cold.

  2. WOW looks & sounds like you guys had a ball! Wish we were there!

  3. Looks like a great time! We look forward to taking part next year!

  4. Have a great holiday season and new year Chris.
    We've been north of Vericruz on the Emerald Coast for the past week and the weather has been terrible.
    Also... the parks are "empty" no one here. The park owners and others that rely on the tourists are really hurting.