Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Strangest Thing

I drove into town yesterday to pick up some things for my trip. Tomorrow I'll be flying to Mexicali to meet a co-worker and then on to Ensenada for the week. I will be teaching a course to 75 teachers before the holiday vacation.

As I was leaving CostCo, a guy walked by and turned around and looked at me several times. Usually it is a teacher who has taken a course with me, been in a seminar, or an ex-student from one of the companies in Monterrey.

I started to ask him if I he knew me when he said, "excuse me, do you have a blog about camping and living in Mexico?". That's weird. We chatted for a bit to only find out that he used to own a small restaurant right around the corner from my house on the lake. It is a small world.

Now that I am traveling to Ensenada, I will have to do double time when I return next weekend. We are hitting the road no matter what and San Miguel de Allende here we come.

I don't know what happened to sunny Mexico. The weather in Baja California and specifically Ensenada will be between 65 daytime and 42 in the evenings and even some rainy days. I am packing some warm clothes to go running along the beach in the mornings. You may remember I was in Ensenada in July of this year. Here is are links to that week with some great photos:

Ensenada July 2, 2009 Ensenada July 3, 2009

One of the things that I have had a hard time finding in Mexico is a product to feed our septic tank. I usually buy a box or two of Reckitt Benckiser Rid X. This works really well for us. Our septic tank is a combination tank/filter system. I have seen a liquid product before here in Monterrey but can no longer find it. If anyone who lives here knows about it, please drop me a line.

I need to start packing for tomorrow. It will be a long day. I will be posting along my trip this week if anyone is interested in visiting Ensenada, Mexicali or Tijuana.


  1. See you in SMA Mi Amigos. Take care in the border towns!

  2. You can use yeast for your fosa septica, get it in bulk and flush some every month or two.

    Have fun in Ensenada, sorry about the cold :)

  3. I thought you were retiring!

  4. I agree on the yeast. Look for it at a bakery supply house. I would use about 1/2 pound each time...maybe 2 or 3 months apart.