Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snowbirds Are Heading South

Snowbirds are starting their treks south to Mexico for the cold winter months. We had the pleasure of having John and Angela here over the weekend. The weather was the pits, near freezing, raining and cold.

John and Angela's on-board GPS found our house out in the sticks without any problem. They did pass up our road but called while I was outside. As I came in the house I heard the phone but picked it up too late. I heard their message saying they were nearby and were going to make a second pass so I hopped in the car and went out to the highway looking for an rv. Up the road about one kilometer I saw them. I honked and flagged them down and it was nothing but a fun weekend after that.

We went up to the waterfalls, walked around Santiago our little Pueblo Magico. We also went to Monterrey and toured the history museum and had lunch in a nice little restaurant along the riverwalk called San Luiscito's.

Saturday we did some shopping at the HEB in town and had a great seafood lunch here in Los Cavazos at Don Arturo's.

Nights were spent over happy hour and lots of good conversation about Mexico, Spanish and rving. John and Angela have a lot of knowledge regarding rvs and solar so I picked their brain.

They were parked out front in the driveway where we have 30 amp service and water.

Anyone coming down looking for posada can drop me an email. We will be on the road for a couple of weeks in December but will be here off and on throughout January and February.

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  1. it has been cold up here in the Desert as well. 32 yesterday morning. I am surprised that my banan plants are still living. Warmer today, 51 this morning and going to rain.