Friday, December 18, 2009

Wine Country Ensenada

We finished early today and I had a chance to drive through wine country here in Ensenada. We visited three but only one was open for tours. The drive from Ensenada is very relaxing and as you climb the hills you start to see the vineyards. Some are well-known labels and others not. I didn't taste any wines as I had to travel from Ensenada to Mexicali where I am right now to catch my flight tomorrow afternoon to get back to Monterrey. I just arrived to the Crown Plaza so will have a bite to eat and then watch some television.

The exit from the main highway in Ensenada to Wine Country

Out of all the Mexican wines I have ever tasted, there are two that I like the most. One is La Cetto. There cabernet sauvignon is excellent.

El Parral Hotel and Winery

Bibayoff was on our tour but it was a smaller vineyard and their prices were very high. Their tasting was only five dollars which included four wines but I wasn't impressed. Good wine doesn't have to be expensive unless they have extremely high production costs.

In the end, I want to go back when I have time to visit each winery, take a complete tour and do the tasting. If we have the rv, it is a good way to drink a little and then rest for a while.

My second favorite wine after La Cetto is California red wine, comes in a simple tetra one liter presentation is sells for 25 pesos. Great table wine. I have never been to France, but Juan has and he says their daily table wine is cheap and very very good.

After our short tour, we returned to Ensenada and I bought my ticket to head to Mexicali. The trip to Mexicali is long as it goes over the mountains and there is also a 10 to 15 km stretch that is under construction. This part is between Ensenada and Tecate. No highway, they removed all the pavement. There is lots of activity but I guess I don't understand why they didn't do it in parts. It took us more than 45 minutes. Not too bad, but drive slow.

The scenery was fantastic.


  1. Chris: If you RV thru the wine country, please stay at Rancho Sordo Mudo $V park between Tecate and Ensenada. (pg 448 in the new Mexican Camping book) It is operated by the adjacent deaf school. We spent a Thanksgiving there and were invited to dinner at the school. It was a hoot. The kids and teachers were great. We always bring school supplies and stuff for the kids who are in all age groups.

  2. I love the wines of Monte Xanic, they are world class and priced as such but are worth it. I've not visited the Valle de Guadalupe but would love to go through that area sometime and visit the vineyards.