Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monterrey to Mexicala and Beyond!

Wow, what a day! I left the house this morning around 10 a.m. The fog wasn't going to let up, or at least that's what I thought. Got into town and it was a beautiful sunny day. Picked up a taxi at the Walmart and headed off for the airport.

I always strike up a conversation with taxi drivers. Very interesting folks. This guy was talking about how lazy kids are today and how they want everything handed to them. He then told me his story how his parents lived in Houston. He has his residency and studied for nine months at a community college. He became a refrigeration and a/c repairman. He says he does both the taxi and the a/c repair and lives a good life. He had worked in Houston for ten years but had a bad car accident that did some damage to his leg so driving is a good occupation. I reminded him that since he had worked legally and was a resident that he should check his social security account and see what he is eligible for at age 62.

Caught my flight to Mexicali, three and a half hours. A quick stop over in Hermosillo for re-fueling.

As I got off the plane I headed for the baggage claim. We went through a military check in the airport and after we were finished a big surprise! All 150 passengers from two flights were escorted out of the airport, lined up, with our bags in front of us, and they passed the K-nine unit through, then formed another line and they checked all our bags again. Oh the times we live in. Well, you know, we asked for it. We've dug this pit and now we have to find some way out of it. BTW, I won't discuss this particular problem on my blog (please).

I met my boss for lunch at Rincon Don Poncho in Mexicali. Excellent Chinese food in the northwest of Mexico. We had a good chat and off I went for the bus station. Excellent service with two good movies, one in English and the other dubbed in Español. We drove the famous highway La Rumorosa. It was dark so I didn't see much but going home next Saturday I hope to get some good pics.

Just arriving an hour ago to the Hotel El Cid in Ensenada, the weather is cold (thank you Jonna) and no one is on the streets. Seeing it is cold I went out to purchase a bottled beverage made from distilled grains to warm my old bones up.

Roc commented about my retiring. Sure, you bet, done deal, it happened. But, I can't turn down trips where they pay me well to do what I love (working with teachers) and I get free vacations out of it at the same time. This week I will be free after 2 p.m. each day. That gives me time for a quick nap and then some sightseeing. I may take in a movie one night this week too.

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