Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ensenada - Day 2


I wasn't able to find another gym other than the one I went to last July here in Ensenada. So this morning I went running along the beach. Cold and a bit windy, I work a jacket, sweats and gloves. Not a soul in sight until I was on my way back to the hotel. Rush hour traffic, as much as you can call it that in Ensenada.

Today is session two of the "diplomado" I am teaching. The view that stands in front of me is a huge distraction.

We are using the facilities of a private university, CETYS. Wonderful facilities and they have three campus' here in Baja Norte.

We are in the library which is filled with books. Later this week I am listing the universities that are here in Ensenada along with their cost. There are around ten public and private.

I am fortunate that the group of 75 I am working with are all well-trained teachers, dynamic, energenic and very good English speakers.

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