Monday, December 28, 2009

This is a Saturday post, I had HTML problems and threw my laptop out the window. Most of it is glued back together and the others in the campground donated duct tape and encouragement. So, I will be posting daily again.

Friday we walked around town. First stop on Christmas Day was a small breakfast. We weren't feeling very lucky, everywhere we went they were closed. Only a few lonely souls walking to work and others not sure of their destination. Then it happened. As we walked past a doorway to a small house we could smell fried corn tortillas and we knew it was for us. The small sign above said, La Tonita. There in the entryway were three women. One was working over a wood fired comal, another shredded chicken for the enchiladas and tacos and another sat nearby enjoying this fine fare. It was simple food meant for simple people and that is exactly what we were looking for. Three crispy tacos filled with fresh cooked beans, smothered in a fried mixture of lettuce, onion, potatoes and carrots and topped with a mean green salsa capable of curing anything that had taken place the night before.

After that we walked over to the main plaza just in time to hear the Christmas Day bells ringing. We made a twenty second video which I attempted to email to our families but it turned out to be too heavy of a file. A small crowd was had gathered in the plaza recounting the events of the previous day. In Mexico, Noche Buena is the big Christmas celebration unlike Christmas Day in the U.S. I took the time to have a ten peso shoe shine and off we went looking for two great restaurants that we wanted to scope out for the coming week; La Buganbilia y El Pegaso.

Later in the day we went to the movies to see "Avatar". Typical American movie, lots of noise, action and special effects. The only thing I got out of the movie was when one of the marines said, "first we make them our enemy and then we have a reason to kill them". A lot of corn for the price of a ticket. But we went and it was a fun outing.

Later that night Croft and Norma put out a big spread and we all got together for a potluck. We all had too much to eat and drink and the next day we were all pretty quiet. I got a haircut for 30 pesos and a hot breakfast with coffee included for 35 pesos. You can't beat that. We also started back to the gym and there are many here is SMA.


  1. No? You threw it out the window? Never throw the expensive stuff, always keep some cheap stuff around for that. I used to have a case of cheap glasses to throw at the fireplace when I was in a real snit. Haven't needed them in years but they were a great release at the time.

    Sounds like you're enjoying SMA, it's a beautiful town. Meems and I spent a month there one xmas too, it was really cold but a lot of fun.

  2. Glad to see the post, was wondering how you were enjoying SMA. Any sidetrips planed?

  3. Chris! No había tenido tiempo de entrar a dejarte comentario; recuerdas que te saludé en Costco un viernes y platicamos de todo en 5 minutos? jaja a poco no?
    Un abrazo y felicidades nuevamente por tu blog.

  4. Most of my friensd post their videos to Youtube, much easier to share that way. Then you just send the link to whoever you want to share it with.