Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Ready For a Remodel

I'm now in the search for workers who can start with lowering the ceilings in the bedrooms.  One of the major issues will be moving the minisplit in one bedroom.  The drain tube runs over the bathroom ceiling and it can't be lowered anymore from its current position.  One option is to use the minisplit in the spare bedroom which now has a window unit that is up high on the wall and with the lower ceiling renders itself useless.  That means I need to buy a new unit for our bedroom.  It has always been oversized so we can find a smaller 3/4 ton that is more effecient.

After the ceilings are in I want to fix any cracks and put up new stucco on the walls.  In the rest of the house, new stucco as well as wood baseboard moldings.  A family member works for a window manufacturer.  Depending on price, we may replace the bedroom windows with dual pane and pvc frames.  
I find all of this motivating.  Apart from bringing the trailer down, it feels like lots of good things are happening.  I spoke with my brother who is in Maui for the winter.  He is selling his condo in cold Kansas City and they make their new digs in Maui permanent.  I was moping about how some of our plans seem dashed at least for now.  He wrote back saying he understood the feeling but make the best of whatever things are.  Very true.   I live in a nice house in the country with a swimming pool and neighbors who never come to there homes.  Even if they did, there are only ten neighbors.  For most people this place is a dream.   

We drove down to Allende yesterday.   We took a look at our property and discussed what we would like to build and how we want it situated on the property.   They are making some major changes there in terms of the major street we live off of there and it looks like a nice community is popping up.  We may have bought there at the right time.  Not everything is gloom and doom and  even if it were it isn't fair to myself to become part of it.   I have to find my way of living in it and move around it.  

It appears that rvers are safe and not being affected in their movements around the country.  As soon as we get that trailer here we are on the road.  I'm just a bit put out by constant reminders of how great the weather is south of here by the likes of Les (The Journey of a Lifetime)  Kevin and Ruth (Travels With Kevin and Ruth) and our friends in Merida, Jonna and Mimi (Blah . . . Blah . . .  Blah . . . Ginger).  Les will be taking a ferry across the Sea of Cortez in February to the pennisula or Baja California.  I've been checking the ferries that travel back and forth.  What a cool adventure!  Kevin and Ruth have been snorkeling for the last couple of weeks and relaxing on the beaches near Huatulco.  I also receive a newsletter from La Peñita Rv Park and it looks like everyone is having fun but us.  

Here is a picture of my latest home improvement or DIY.   I purchased this in a Goodwill store in San Antonio over Christmas for a heavy price of $3.99 light bulbs included.  I put it on a dimmer and it adds a bit of ambiance to the entryway.

My final comment of the day, "get out there and travel, be it by car, bus, plane or rv".


  1. Are you lowering the ceilings to make it easier to heat the rooms? Just curious because most people like high ceilings.

    Yes, the weather here is fantastic! I went to the symphony today. Afterwards we had lunch at an outdoor cafe in the centro, just a perfect day.

    I think once you get the house done and can get on the road, your spirits will rise.

  2. The house has vaulted ceilings throughout. So we just want to modernize the bedrooms a little. The rest of the house will have vaulted ceilings.

    Me too, the trees have buds already so things will be changing around here soon and we will be back to normal.

  3. When you get the trailer let us know and maybe we can meet up somewhere on our way out of Mexico.

    Kevin and Ruth