Monday, January 24, 2011

My Lifelong Idol Is Gone

A sad day for me.   I grew up with Jack sitting in front of the tv with my mom.  As a kid growing up, I was the youngest for awhile.  My mom was busy cooking, cleaning and preparing meals for 11 people at the time.  But lunchtime was lunchtime.  She would prepare herself a dish of cottage cheese and tomato slices or pinapple chunks and sit down with me to watch the show.  We would get out some canned goods, set up a chair in the living room and do some of the exercises.   It was more watching than exercising, afterall, it was lunchtime.   

Turns out I had some things in common with Jack.  He was a sugar addict as a kid.   Me too!  Mom made me butter and sugar sandwiches.  I was the baby and she gave me what I wanted.  Needless to say, sugar or not, I had all my teeth capped by age seven.

As the years went by, I kept my eye on ole Jack.  He pulled boats, barges and trains and what I liked the most was that he was always in shape.   I have followed his advice on vitamin supplements, juicing (it comes and goes sometimes depending on the year), and I exercise daily.  I hope I am granted the overall health to live not as long as Jack, but with the same quality of life as Jack.

Thanks buddy!


  1. 96 ain't bad, but if anybody should've lived to 100, it was him.