Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Back here at the ranch. We made it home safely and without any SUV problems. The house was a little dusty and the neighbor's hand was here cleaning and getting the pool up to par.

We crossed the border with truck load of stuff. They told us we would have to have the trailer empty to do the importation when we go back. Not a big deal though, I had only taken the necessities when I went three weeks ago. My oh my how time flies. I wish we were still in Galveston.

At both the bridge crossing and the southern check point we got green lights. Zoomed on into Monterrey and missed the lunchtime rush hour.

I'm getting cleaned up now and will take the truck to the Tavasi Rv Repair and have them redo the wiring harness. BTW, there is a storage next to the rv park where we stayed and they only charge 25 dollars for the rest of the month. All in all, things worked out well. Croft asked me how much the alternator repair was, 210 dollars including labor.

Can't wait to get the rv here in Mexico. I am hoping we can make it to SMA before the winter crowd takes off in March.

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