Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 2, 60 Minutes - Santiago, N.L.

EcoTour Matacanes

Cueva de Murcielagos

Presa de la Boca

Cola de Caballo (Horsetail Falls)

Iglesia San Francisco in the Plaza Principal

Now everyone knows the major part of the story, has seen where I live and what we have been up against. It is interesting though. In our state of Nuevo Leon we have 51 municipalities Santiago being one of the biggest. When something happens in our municipio, they say X event took place in Santiago today. Well, that is a broad brush that covers a lot of area. We live 5 minutes by car to the main plaza. We have never heard a shot fired, seen any violence or action.

We still consider Santiago a quiet place to live and many people are still moving from the city to our area. As much as we like it here, we are planning to move further south to Allende and hope that this year will be the year to move on.

If you haven't been here, it is a beautiful place with many attractions; waterfalls, lakes, mountain climbing, ecotours and more. I love the place and will always be attached to it in some way.

We are paying for the sins of others and looks like we will do so for quite some time. Now that this "business" has moved to the U.S. maybe it will get some attention on that side of the border and someone will sit up and take note.

I see a major implosion and an end to itself, it may take awhile but it will come. In the meantime, come and visit and see all the beautiful places in the photos above.

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