Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remind Where I Live?

Last night the thermometer fell below 0C. This is crazy. The temperature at noon today is hovering around 3C. I just came back from Santiago. I stopped by to ask the gas LP man to come by the house. The two cylinders are running low and I don't want to be without heat tonight. I also stopped for a haircut. Town is pretty much desolate, everyone is hiding inside to escape the cold.

I had a space heater going here in the bedroom. The gas heat doesn't reach the bedrooms. Stupid me. The space heater is 1500W and never shuts off. The minisplit on the wall is 1200W and has a thermostat turning itself on and off. I have it set at 20C and with the electric blanket on and the cats by my side I am keeping warm. Saturday it will reach a high of 10C, geez, I can't wait.

So, is this really Mexico? Les is in SMA playing tennis and enjoying the sunshine. Jonna and Mimi are in the Yucatan and the temps are 30C. I must be missing something. Could someone remind me where I live? I can't figure it out based on this weather.


  1. Sorry love, my prescription is to continue south, stop when the weather suits your clothes :)

    We are having a small cold snap even here. It actually rained yesterday and today is overcast and only about 24°c. I had to put the electric blanket back on the bed last night. Still, it will be warm again tomorrow and blue skies will return. I love my latitude, I would also like farther south but this is pretty darn nice.

  2. What ever happened to "Global Warming". Hope it warms up for you!

    Kevin and Ruth