Monday, January 31, 2011

Looks Like We Have a Date - Now We Need A Plan

We had a family meeting Saturday night.   The decision was made to cut off all work effective July 8th, the last day of the school year.   I will try to pack as many work trips into the next few months as possible.  

We decided that selling the house would be a great thing financially but not very probably for now.  We may promote it in the next months once the leaves have returned to the trees (they started already) and the grass turns green.  The remodeling should begin sometime in the next week and we have the estimates and the contractors.  
The new rv will be imported on the 14th of this month and parked here in the driveway while I get it ready for small weekend side trips.  Some mods will have to be made including the addition of solar for our boondocking trips.

The time has come and we both agree.  That is the most important.  Now for the plan.  We kind of have something sketched out but I need to work some more on it.   Money is not an issue in terms of counting pennies but we need to be careful at the same time.   I always prefer the side of caution and if there is something leftover, well, we can do something extra.  We need to experiment with leaving the house alone in the hands of a worker that would come once a week and cut the grass and clean the pool.  Securing the house is another issue, the rule here is that if it isn't tied down it will walk away.

As far as the travel part, we want to do some Mexico travel first.   However, the New Mexico state park system really offers the biggest bang for the buck.   Annual campground/rv site pass which includes water and site with electric an additional 4 dollars a day.   In Mexico, I need to find some other options.  The least amount is the best amount.  We don't care much to hang around an rv park but like to explore, hike, go to the beach, etc.   Internet access is important but not a must and we can always find a cibercafe here in Mexico on just about every corner and in every small town.  We can't afford to stay at La Siesta at 7000 pesos a month, so that would never work.  Boondocking is still on the board but the "where" is the big issue.  The state of Tamaulipas is out for now, we received warnings from local and state officials over the weekend.  Such a shame.  We do have the memories though.

I'm thinking seriously about university campuses and finding private property for a reasonable price.  The 3500 peso a month range is about max and we may include church and school grounds as well so we could reduce the budget even more.  

Many things to work on.  Can we turn off and on our cable, internet and phone service or reduce them to the minimums at will as well as car insurance for the VW, looking for liability only while it sits in the driveway which should cover theft.   I have my work cut out for me, but it's fun work.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Sounds like a plan! Congratulations... Early retirement was the best choice we ever made.