Monday, March 21, 2011

Holiday Today

We are enjoying a three day weekend here in Mexico.  Today is Benito Juarez' birthday.  Benito was president of Mexico from 1858 to 1864 and was succeeded by Maximiliano.   On this day we also celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Over the weekend we had our family birthday party.  This time we had it in a small warehouse that is attached to Adrian's dental clinic.  He has a laboratory that makes dental pieces and also teaches dentistry at the university.  

It was a bit different because we set the time for 5 p.m. forgetting that there was a soccer game at the same time.  So most people showed up after 7 p.m.  Boy, we can't miss a game, that's for sure.   The food poured in as everyone brought a covered dish.  We made cortidillo de res, cilantro macaroni salad and I baked a cake from scratch.  I told the girls last month that they should learn to bake and cook from scratch.  They laughed at me so I decided I would set the example.  I made a $100,000 chocolate cake with a very rich and creamy cream cheese chocolate icing.   

The birthday boys and my homemade cake in the middle.

The food was great and to top it all off some of the kids put together a show.  This whole thing is going right where I had planned.  If you remember, we started this with a traditional "posada" at Christmas to incorporate the kids into the party.  Before the kids were on one side or inside playing with the internet and the adults outside smoking and drinking.  Now it looks like that is all changing and now the kids have a role in the process.  

Next month I can't wait to see what happens.   I have challenged the boys this time to "do one better" than the show the girls did.   Let the competition begin.

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  1. Glad you had a great time and that everything is taking off the way you had hoped it would. Great job on the cake, it sounds delicious.

    Kevin and Ruth