Thursday, March 31, 2011

Had My Laptop Repaired

Sorry but I've been off line for a week.  My laptop froze up and I couldn't get it running.  It limped along for awhile but finally gave up.  I have been working all week from 8 to 6 and today I work  in the afternoon.  I have been evaluating teachers in the public school program.  I have heard just about all there is to hear as I evaluated over 200 teachers.  It has been a bit depressing because all everyone wants to talk about are the problems with public safety and the bad guys.

But now I'm back and will be posting again.  First off, I spent the night in Monterrey.  We sat out on the porch and had a couple of drinks.  It is strange to be in a cluster of homes.  It is a nice place, centrally located and as I have said before it is a gated community so everything is well controlled and the rules are abided by.  Kids were playing, the neighbors had friends over for dinner on their terrace and next door the teenagers were smokin' cigs and talking.  Wow, I'm not used to all the activity and noise.  Here at home it is so quiet all day and night.  I can come home and never see a soul if I choose.

This morning I got up to go downstairs and get the coffee.  The neighborhood is situated on top of a hill that overlooks most of Monterrey.  As I was coming down the steps at 6 a.m. I could see the lights of the city.  At the moment I was reminded of an old song by Melanie:

When I was young I lived in the country
Clouds were my friends, I cannot answer why
And now that I've grown I live in the city
And heaven is so far, I cannot reach the sky

Ted asked a question about the ULSD list I once had available on the blog.  I don't remember how I attached the list but it was a software program that allowed me to show the Pdf file that Pemex sent me.  You can send me an email to the address at the top and I can forward the list.  The list I have is over a year old but still valid.  I am waiting for a response from Pemex for a new list.

Now for the LED bulbs that Phil asked about in the photo of our remodeled bedroom.  I have pics of the following:

The lamp on the left has the new LED bulb and the right the old spot type.

We use these bulbs in the trailer for the table lamps.  They give off the equivalent of 60W but only use 7W.  A real savings for the batteries.  A bit pricey at 23 dollars but they are supposed to last 11 years.  The spots we use here at home are over 4 years old and keep running and only use 1W.

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