Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Show

I didn't take any pictures but we went to the Home Show here at the convention center.  Wow, we walked around for three and a half hours.   Too much to see and do.  We found a company that is selling home solar.  400W panel with complete hookup to the grid.   The meter runs forwards and backwards sending energy to the CFE.  The owner of the company takes care of the permit as well as the installation.  I am looking into it.  The cost  is around 16,000 pesos everything included.  We could actually enjoy our air conditioning during summer months with the amount of energy we send to the grid for credit. 

Found the bedroom furniture there.  We have two nightstands that we had made years ago.  I still love them and they are good quality.  The company we chose is going to matcb the headboard as well as the entertainment center.  It will take about two weeks before it is ready.  We also bought the box springs for the bed, two singles, good quality and with super good pricing as it was the last day of the show.  Painters should be back on Thursday to finish up the bedrooms.  

I need to get my butt in gear and paint the front gates and the well.   Those are two things on my list for this week.  But guess what.  Coming back from Monterrey this afternoon I ran into a hail storm. That's right.  Mass pandemonium as cars pulled off major avenues searching for cover under carports, covered store parking lots, gas stations, etc.   It was too late.  I pulled off and stopped hoping the hail wouldn't hit so hard if I were standing still.  It worked but I did get a chip in the windshield.  I need to check the car again though to make sure there is no damage.  The trailer suffered none.  When there is hail in Monterrey we never have it out here because of the difference in temperatures.  Amen to that!  It was a bit scary though for a few minutes.

Did you know I repaired windshields for awhile on the side?  I just fixed a chip on the SUV over the weekend.  Fun business but people here like to replace windshields as the cost is a small percentage of the deductible.   I still do a couple every now and then.

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  1. Seems very inexpensive for a 400w system. Just spent two months boondocking in AZ deserts where there was lots of solar in use--bit different application. A system that large for a RV would have been close to $2500 and no paperwork or meter stuff to boot. I'd look at doubling it and making CFE cry.