Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O'Rielly On Mexico

I found this interview with Bill O'Rielly and Peter Greenberg on MexConnect this morning.   Bill touts himself as an authority on world affairs but has very little knowledge about his neighbor to the south, Mexico. If he does, it is very biased information. In the video he says "why would anyone want to visit a corrupt place?"   Hmmm, has anyone ever been to Italy, the Vatican City, Colombia, Greece, Cuba just to name a few favored vacation spots around the world where corruption is on the same level or higher than Mexico?  When Greenberg mentions the fact that there are over 6,500 gun stores along the Arizona/Texas border with Mexico, O'Rielly blows it off saying it is a problem for the U.S. and Greenberg responds to the contrary.

When it comes to political corruption, just take a look at the map, "white" being no corruption to "blood red" being the most corrupt (I don't see any white except for the ocean).

We all know the statistics and O'Rielly likes to quote the ones that are convenient for him  13,000 people murdered last year in Mexico.  He doesn't mention the 16,000 murdered in the U.S.  The ones in Mexico are bad guys (like 98%) and some police and military.  The ones in the U.S. are neighbors, friends, innocent kids on school campuses, postal workers, people enjoying a day at the  mall.  But I know Bill will say I am comparing apples to oranges.

O'Rielly goes on to say that Americans flock to Mexico because it's cheap and Mexico needs the dollars.  The tourism industry would suffer if Americans quit going to Mexico but the country would find ways to survive.  Americans (roughly 40% of the total)aren't the only ones who travel to Mexico. 

Here's the video and you be the judge.  I say O'Rielly is a pinhead.


  1. We just have have to turn him off...for some reason people love the sensational and he gives them what they want....whether or not it is true does not seem to bother a lot of people.....scary stuff, misinformation....

  2. Pinhead for sure. Wait, RICH pinhead. Became rich by being a pinhead. Supported by other pinheads.

  3. Lol, pinhead wouldn't be my first choice of names for him. The nicest is lying idiot. I have been here for three and a half years and have yet to see a head, a dead body or had a policeman pull a gun on me. I have been bitten when driving down for small "fines" and if my husband, who was driving, had had his license on him we would not have paid them. I also would not vacation or live close to the US/Mexican border right now. (Nor Detroit, for that matter.)