Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Good News for Mexico

As I write this, I am sitting here keeping an eye on the workers.  The ceilings are in, and today they started plastering the walls to cover that nasty old looking stucco design that was on the walls.  This is really coming together although it is taking time.  I was surprised, they told me they would be here at 9 a.m. and they were sitting out front at 7:30.  I didn't know until they called my cell phone to tell me they were waiting at 8 a.m.

So here is some more good news on the Mexico front.  It looks like rvers have had a great winter season and trouble free to boot.  Our friends Kevin and Ruth said they never saw or heard a thing.  Tonight we are driving up to Saltillo to meet with our friends Mike and Pat, a couple we met in Creel a couple of years back.  They have a truck camper and pull a trailer with two ATVs.  They have been all over Mexico this winter and have had nothing but fun, fun, fun.

I posted a thread on asking about inexpensive campgrounds.  I thought for sure more people would chime in so that we could form a list of places to visit while we are on our summer adventure.  I'm looking for alternatives to the standard rv parks which are usually very disappointing.  I will give it more time, I am not the most patient person in the world. 

Carlos Slim has made the number one slot again on Forbes richest person's list.  Another feather in the hat for Mexicans.  

What I find most amazing is that exports for 2010 reached an all time high of 300 billion dollars.  That shows that employment is up in Mexico and unemployment continues to drop down to 4.5% in the formal sector.  This is very good news.  Here is a quote regarding the record high exports:

"Expertos económicos consideran que México está en el umbral de un periodo de crecimiento acelerado, que lo llevará a consolidarse como una de las economías que servirán como la locomotora de la economía mundial", puntualizó.

"Economic experts believe that Mexico is on the threshold of an accelerated growth period, one that will strengthen it as one of the economies that will drive the world economy".  Impressive!

And the dollar does it again:


  1. Good news for Mexico is good news for everyone.
    If any county deserves good news it's Mexico.
    BUT, I still find it incredible that the worlds richest man is there and making his money from a struggling developing nation.

  2. Carlos Slim is expanding his horizons. He recently got a cellular system working in Cuba, and it works well. There are cell phones everywhere there.

  3. Chris, are these the same workers you originally had all the problems with or did you carry through with your threat and hire a new crew?

  4. hi croft, it's a new crew. these guys are quiet, don't make a mess and are busy at work. scary!

    hi norma!

  5. Slim’s Holdings

    Slim’s America Movil SAB is the biggest mobile-phone company in the Americas, with 225 million wireless subscribers. The company also controls Mexico’s largest landline phone carrier, Telefonos de Mexico SAB, and the largest TV and long- distance operators in Brazil, as well as phone and video carriers in Colombia, Peru and other South American countries.

    His holdings in Mexico extend from retail, with the Sanborns department store chain, to banking and construction. He holds stakes in U.S. companies including the New York Times Co. (NYT), Saks Inc. (SKS) and Bronco Drilling Co. Slim’s gains in 2010 included his bank Grupo Financiero Inbursa SAB, which surged 42 percent as it expanded its branches, and Grupo Carso SAB, which almost doubled as it prepared for spinoffs of its mining and real- estate units.

    I don't think we could live without him. He has brought jobs, low cost telephone, internet and cable service not to mention cell phone service.

    In 1985 I paid an equivalent of 500 dollars for a landline and it took six months to install it. Today, thanks to Slim, a phone line is installed in less than 72 hours. The cost, 50 dollars. My service; landline, 100 free minutes of long distance, high speed internet costs me 387 pesos a month and it never fails.

    Now if he could privatize our national oil company Mexico would be rich. I hope this man lives another 100 years.

  6. The dollar seems to fall at the first of the month when I get my check and want to exchange it. Every time!

    I've heard very good things about Carlos Slim's sons, hopefully the dynasty will continue.