Monday, March 7, 2011

Visit With Kevin and Ruth - Potrero Chico 

Fellow bloggers Kevin and Ruth are headed back to Canada this week via the Carolinas.  They were able to stop by this weekend.   I drove out Friday afternoon for a chat and then we returned Saturday to spend the night.  We wanted to take the trailer but the insurance was not ready yet.  They are bickering over the value of the trailer.

We spent the night in a rented room on Homero's property.  He has a campground with primitive sites that caters to climbers.  The room with full bath was in the main house and cost us 250 pesos.  Very comfortable not to mention the great price.  We went for a walk in the park in the afternoon to see the climbers.  Man are they nuts!  After a great nap, we had a couple of drinks and Ruth prepared quite a feast; baked chicken and stuffing, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables and a wonderful dessert.

The only problem was that Homero rented the covered area to a large group of teenagers who are into TechnoRock (?).  They partied all night.  We complained a couple of times to Homero over the phone but he did nothing.  I was a bit ticked off in the beginning but he is trying to keep his place open.  With the current problems he says tourism is down even though the majority of the climbers are Europeans.  Most of it of course is media hype on both the part of the U.S and Mexico.  Too bad.  I brushed it off after awhile and as the night went on we went to bed and the noise stopped around 3:30 in the morning.  

Goofy kids though, I guess the fashion is to listen to this obnoxious music which is very repetitive and do circus stuff while you get blasted.  I wouldn't doubt if there were drugs involved either as this is an extension of the Rave craze.  They were tight roping, hula hooping, hackisacking and wearing goofy hats.  When I was young we would say it was fruity.  Anyway, they were still staggering around when we left at 7:30 Sunday morning.

It is a beautiful place and a great stop after crossing the border and heading to Saltillo and all points south.

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  1. We got a good nights sleep at the Walmart in Beesville the next night though! Had a great time with you two. Looking forward to doing it again in 7 months time.

    Kevin and Ruth