Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Gonna Be A Hot One

I am recovering from my work schedule this week.  I was pretty beat yesterday although I did work in the afternoon at the university.  Today I went back to the gym, cleaned house and worked out in the yard.  Amazing what I found when I went out to top off the pool and give it a good cleaning:


He was about a meter in length and looked like he was enjoying himself.  I hated to take him out but I took the net, scooped him up only after a few rounds about the pool and flipped him into the bushes.  He began climbing the limbs and raised his head with a look of " do you mind, I was cooling off".  Too bad, I like nature and I like snakes, but I don't want to knowingly swim with them.  I'm not the snake whisperer.

This weekend we will hit an average of 40C or higher.  Good thing the pool is clean, the yard ready and I will freely turn on the air conditioner.  We are ahead of our KWH limit by about 100 KWHs.  So we can use the air conditioning a bit liberally this weekend, mostly during nap time. 

As for the crime wave that is hitting us, the worst is yet to come.  You know the websites to read and you will get an eye full.  I can't wait to escape to Baja for a week during Spring break not to mention our summer trip south.  I almost had a breakdown this week listening to 250 teachers tell me their concerns and personal experiences.  Just a few kms from here, teachers are being stopped on country roads on their way to classes and being asked for identification.  Once identified as teachers, they are asked for money so that they can continue on to their school for their classes.  Ya basta!

I wish I could say more but I too am now fearful of what might happen should I mention what is going on.  You know already anyway.   All I can say is highways are safe, cities and towns are safe, don't travel at night in the five border states.  Everything south is paradise.

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