Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner Out - Loreto


We've done a lot of cooking at home as well as eating out during our stay here in Loreto.  We bought a kilo of fresh shrimp the other day and made a pasta dish with shrimp and fresh vegetables and the rest we used yesterday for tostadas.

Last night we decided it was time for a nice dinner out.   We had heard and read about the restaurant Mita which is in the main plaza.   We headed down there and found there was no place for us to park.  Turns out that the new mayor was being installed in the town and a big event was taking place.   We finally found a place to park nearby and walked over to the plaza.  Kids playing, dignitaries ceremoniously arranged at a long table with ribbons and table coverings and hundreds of chairs set up in the plaza filled with anxious citizens who had voted for the change.   Loud and noisy is the definition of this event.

We went to the restaurant and started off screaming at each other over the noise coming from the loud speakers as we sipped on freshly made margs, mango and strawberry.  We ordered an appetizer with clams in a delicious butter and wine sauce and manchego cheese.  It was a large plate enough for four people and with a salad that could have been dinner.  Price, 85 pesos.  Then it was back to the menu where we decided to split.  The fish of the day was sea bass and it was cooked in olive oil and a cilantro crust served with pasta and fresh veggies.  We ordered wine by the glass so we could each get what we wanted.  By this time the mayoral event had come to an end and we were listening to  Huapango de Moncayo.   We finished off dinner with a strong french press coffee.

 We headed home for a short talk and off to bed.  Today we head for Mulege and the beach there. 


  1. Seriously. Is it absoultely necesary to describe the food in such freakin detail?. I mean...seriously...no really...your killin me here...seriously....