Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Happened To My Dream Catchter?


Getting things ready around the house today.  After going to the gym I trimmed the yard, cleaned the cover on the palapa and did an overall cleaning.  The house was tidied up and cleaned as well.  Nothing worse than going away and leaving the house dirty.  Coming home is a pleasure when you know things are in order; clean sheets, dusted furniture, etc. and you can just flop on the bed and relax thinking about what a good time you had.

These two guys show you just how hot it has been for the last two weeks.  Today we hit 104F for the third day in a row.  The pool has come in handy.  We normally don't use it much but for a quick dip in the evenings.  Now that I am home alone most of the week I never use it.  I keep it clean and the chemicals refreshed but being in there alone just isn't a lot of fun.  The cats spend the mornings on the porch and then sleep the rest of the day.  With the tile roof, the house stays pretty cool even in this heat.  Tonight we may turn on the air conditioning.  Watering the grass cools things down quite a bit.  This morning it was 15C here at the quinta.

Today I made the comment that I haven't been dreaming as much as usual.  I usually have three dreams a night.  They come in segments and are sometimes related and sometimes not.  I can wake up and go back to sleep and fall right into the dream again.  Juan said that the dream catcher was attached to the headboard of the canopy bed.  It is sitting out on the porch waiting to be delivered to the house in Monterrey.   So this afternoon the dream catcher made its way back into the bedroom.  During my afternoon nap I dreamed that I was on a plane with two giddy blonde haired female pilots.  The movie showing on the plane was "Serpico y Yo".  Whatever that means????