Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving La Paz, Heading Home

Goodbye Loreto, it was a blast!

Got to La Paz around 6:30 last night.  Great bus ride and a real tear jerker of a movie we watched.  Found a nice little hotel behind the bus station for 69 dollars.  New, small rooms but excellent wi-fi, cable and good air conditioning which we really didn't need.

After getting settled we went for a walk around the malecon and local restaurants.  Personally, coming into town and being in town, La Paz is a bit dumpy.  I know there are nicer areas and I have seen them but it appears that the locals don't treat tourists very well.  No smiles or greetings.  

Two restaurants nearby were recommended and we walked by to check out their menus.  Wow, a 300 gram ribeye was 275 pesos in both restaurants.  Talk about pico los ojos!  We found a great place on the malecon that had great tacos de arrechera for 20 pesos each with a great view of the ocean, palm trees and setting sun.

We are now sitting at the airport for a long journey home.  A short flight to Culiacan and then a six hour wait to get on a plane to Monterrey.  Yikes!

It was the best trip of the year so far and we had a great time with my brother Steve and his wife Michelle.  Both are great traveling companions, kayakers, conversationalists and adventurers.  I hope we all meet up again soon. 

I also learned a lot about Baja Sur and the fact that it gets pretty darn hot here in the summer.  Hmmm.  So where shall we go?

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