Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ready To Leave Tijuana

It was a good day and I worked my butt off.  This takes a lot out of me.  This week we are working with games and activities in kindergarten and primary.  So we do a lot of singing, dancing and playing games.  The teachers here in Baja have good language skills but lack teaching skills.  There program is improving every year and continues to expand with great success.

Here are some pics from yesterday and today.  I'm pretty pooped so I won't talk to much.  Although I have to say that this evening I have done quite a bit of on line searching for routes and stays for the summer trip.  There is no set plan in concrete and we may head across West Texas.  We love Hwy 90 and the stays in Sanderson, Marfa and Marathon.  There are also great desert state parks along the route including Hueco Tanks, Balmorhea, Seminole Canyon, Lake Amistad, Franklin and Guadalupe Natl Park.  

This provides me entertainment and also relaxes me.  I also ran across a great 12V meter that you just plug into your 12V outlet.  Don't know how good it is but I just need something that will tell me we are good for the night.  We can always recharge going down the road and also with the Honda generator.

Teachers in Tecate

Tijuana teachers demonstrating activities

As the Tijuana teachers look on!

 Paisaje going to Tecate

 My room in Tijuana.  That way people at home know I'm in good hands.

Tomorrow morning I take a taxi to Rosarito and then spend the night in Ensenada.  Looking forward to some shrimp salad or fish tacos. Mmmmm, yummy!

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  1. A bit of info: I heard on the Austin news that at the end of March they had some large wildfires in West TX not too far from Marfa. We spent Feb-March in southern AZ and NM and it was exceedingly dry!