Monday, April 25, 2011

Kayaking In Loreto

What a cool way to spend the morning.   We got up around 6:30 and watched the sun come up over the mountain that sits in the bay.   Breakfast was eggs and beans with flour tortillas, salsa and coffee.   We suited up for the beach and headed out to rent a couple of kayaks.  I had spoken yesterday by phone to the rental guy and we agreed on 9 a.m.   He didn't show up so I walked up to the front desk at the hotel and they sent someone to help us.  He explained that Javier wouldn't be coming in.

A real deal, we rented two double kayaks for 330 pesos.  We were out for about an hour and forty minutes and took a tour of the coast heading south.  Being a first time kayaker,  I found it is very easy and anyone can get the hang of it.  No fear of tipping over, losing your balance, although I'm sure it could happen.  We saw fish meters down in the water it was so clear and spied on pelicans up close and they didn't seem to mind much.  Again, as I said yesterday, the water is crystal clear and you see zero trash along the shoreline.  Someone is making a real effort to keep the bay in shape.

Net fishing was banned a few years ago and I'm sure that along with constant patrolling has helped to keep things in order.   Today the beach was pretty much deserted and so was the hotel.  Easter holiday is over at least for working folks and kids still have another week of vacation.

What's next you might ask?   Off to take a nap in the cool breeze coming off the water and then dinner out in the town square tonight.  Looks like a meeting of snowbirds takes place there so we will check it out.


  1. Our kids first means of transportation were single touring kayaks in Alaska. They are much easier to balance than the above board kyaks you had. Either way, it's a sweet ride.