Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bedroom Slideout Sconce Lighting Resolved

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Carol said:

Is it possible that it's a 1142 bulb and not 1156? In our 5th wheel ..our wall lamps have dual contacts and the rest of the unit has single contacts.. I hope it's as simple as this..I read and enjoy your blog regularly.. Good luck..Carol  

And you know what?  She was right.  Boy do I feel stupid.   I took off the light from the wall and took a good look inside the bulb socket and sure enough, two contacts.  Thanks Carol.

Now I need to find a good LED replacement, these things burn hot.   What I think happened was that they put in bulbs at the dealer maybe, just to fill the socket not knowing it needed double contact bulbs.  So when I got it and turned them on, kablooie, it blew a fuse.   And yes, I did go out two weeks ago and pickup a handful of fuses.

So now, one less thing to worry about.  Lessoned learned.  Stop, Look and Listen. 

I was wondering just how much it would have cost me to have Angela shipped here via Fed-X,  hmmmm. 


  1. It is a good thing there are some smart people out there! We all knew it would turn out to be something simple but it took Carol to suggest the bulb!

  2. Happy for you that it was an easy fix. Oh how I wish we were heading south with you to Guadalajara.

  3. Happy I could be of some help..but before you credit me with being a genius ...I once put the salt and pepper in the fridge..I don't do a blog..but it seems some of my favorites I follow are commenting Croft,Contessa, all fellow canucks..We also winter in Mexico..You guys have a great day!!!! Carol