Thursday, May 19, 2011

July Couldn't Come Fast Enough

The heat is back after a few days of rain. It never really rained but it sprinkled and drizzled for three days.  The air was cool and the grass got a good soaking.  It is now nice and green and I will give it a trim tomorrow.

It has been a busy but boring week.  I prepared for a presentation at a local university.  A coworker came from Mexico City and asked me to standby should she need help.  I got there early and waited around on the empty campus.  I left the house ahead of time to pay the cable, my taxes and to get the car washed.  I still waited about an hour.  I talked to one of the guards to pass the time.  He approached me, I didn't go looking for someone to talk to.

This presentation was a competition between publishers.  There were four different pubishing houses there and we each had 45 minutes to talk about and demonstate our text and its components.

So that took up most of the week preparing.  I spent the night in Monterrey and we rented a movie and split a slice of CostCo pizza with a salad. 

Today I painted two doors, one on the laundry room and one on the room in the corner of the quinta that we use for storage.  I also cleaned the trim on this corner room as the water runs off of the roof and leaves a dark stain.  I used a wire brush and scraped most of it off.

So what is this talk about July?  Well, we have agreed to workcamp at an rv park outside of Guadalajara.  I am hoping it is for more than a month.  If it isn't we will take a month coming back home, or return for a day or two and take off for Texas. 

I have a couple of mods I want to make to the trailer befor we go.  First off, it needs batteries so that may mean a trip to Laredo.  I want to add a PVC holder for the stinky slinky.  We only have one outside compartment and I want to cover it with that black matting that has the circles on it.  Does it have a name?   Also, I am looking for some estimates to add a shower enclosure.  I'm tired of shower curtains in small showers that cling to my butt when I turn on the exhaust fan when showering.  The lights on the sides of the bedroom slideout still blow a fuse when I turn them on and I have taken the bed apart and have found no problems with the wiring being crimped.  Not sure what the problem is.

So tomorrow is yard work and pool cleaning.  Anybody want to trade?


  1. Try that on me again. The fuse blows when the switch is activated?. hmmmmmm. Is this a wall switch?. If so, remove the switch from the wall, remove the wires from the switch and then short them together. You are effectively bypassing the switch. What happens then?

  2. where are you going to workcamp outside of guadalajara??? down here by lake chapala in roca azul? if so, would love to have you over for lunch one day in jocotepec!!