Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogger and SiteMeter Issues

I found the problem with the SiteMeter.  While Blogger was down, the HTML code for sitemeter disappeared from my blog.   It was an easy fix.  I had sent an email to SiteMeter but it took them forever to respond and when they did they claimed I hadn't given them sufficient information.  I cancelled the call letting them know what I had done.

Since then Blogger keeps playing games with my posts.  In the dashboard section, the last two posts reappear in the "draft" version as well.  I have deleted the "draft" versions twice now and they continue to reappear on their own.

I also made some page changes.  While trying to discover the problems I was having, I vieweed the blog a couple of times.  I found the dark background was doing a number on my eyes.  I changed the background as well as the layout.   I think it is working better. 

I have posted a new poll in the upper right hand corner regarding the legalization of drugs.  Please take a moment to answer it.  Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I like the colour code on your blog now. You're right the darker colour made it hard on the eyes.

    Kevin and Ruth