Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Starting To Understand Hatred

It's an ugly word but one that has been around since the beginning of time.  I used to wonder why or how someone would hate another person.  It becomes clearer the longer this war continues.  Imagine, here I am, stuck right in the middle of it.  Who would have ever thought.  But here I am.  I don't think I hate the people, I think I hate their attitude, their lack of responsibility, and most of all their thoughtlessness for other human beings.  You think I'm talking about the criminals don't you?  I'm not.  I'm thinking about all the selfish bastards who use drugs.  Those are the ones that the anger, bitterness and hatred is geared toward.  They actually laugh in the face of all of this.  

In a recent thread on the Rv.Net regarding Hemp Week, (yes, I know that marijuana and hemp are two different plants but alot of dumb asses don't) people began posting about their youth or the fact that they still imbibe from time to time.  I guess they thought it was cute.  Maybe forty years ago it was cute and it wasn't as harmful as it is today.

On our last trip to San Antonio a friend made reference to wanting to smoke some dope.  I know he does it a lot and probably all day.  I let him know how I felt and it was as if I had stepped on his rights.  He went on to assure me that his pot was local so it wouldn't do anyone any harm.  Some people always look for a way to justify their actions.  Sweet isn't it?

I have a family member who is a meth addict.  Has been for over 20 years and has spent most of those years trying to get clean.  Several rehabs but most of it involves lies and deceit.  My own sister just left a rehab for alcohol and I don't know if there was anything else going on.  She quit, or should I say they quit her.  She wasn't even there a week.  Her son may be part of this never ending story also.  So that it sounds better, there are ten siblings in my family.   I guess that makes it not so bad, if you know what I mean.  1 out of 10.  Right.   The interesting part of drug use today is that people love to talk about their rehab experience.  In fact, they love to brag about how many times they have been through a program. They even produce "funny" shows about it.  It appears everyone is in on it these days to the point where it is fashionable.  Need I remind you of the numerous Hollywood stars who have been through the revolving door of rehab.  They practically laugh in the face of death.

So this takes me to another stage in the hatred game, people's rights.  Everytime a discussion comes up about Mexico and the U.S., Americans start talking about their ever so holy constitution.  Big deal.  It was written in a matter of days over a lengthy and drawn out period of time, thrown together by a group of very wealthy people who were slave owners and as it turns out some of them weren't the christians they were purported to be instead believing in UFOs.  Afterall, we live in a global society.  Don't you think it would make sense to make some changes that would bring a country's constitution up-to-date?  It's funny how a person's right to bear arms has now become a big business of gun trade and export being permitted by the government allowing 6500 gun shops to open along the U.S. border knowing that the majority of the gun sales are being shipped illegally to Mexico.  Thanks for helping us but I think we are better off working alone.  Remember what Obama said, "I think it is time that the U.S. curtail it's illegal drug use".  Man, that's a statement that should go down in history.  My oh my, how committal!

Let's not forget before someone else reminds us that those darn Mexicans keep coming across the border illegally.  Well, they used to.  Now they pretty much have realized that the money isn't there anymore.   We sure hate them destroying the good ole U.S. of A but we sure as heck don't mind them building cheaper houses, food, clothing, mowing our lawns and cleaning our houses, now do we, not to mention going out for cheap Mexican food on the other side of town.  If I were living to the north I would be a bit worried now about who is crossing the border.  They aren't the guys who are going to cut the grass or clean the house.  I should write this stuff down.  I said over a year ago that all this was going to happen and it did.  Or maybe I am a simpleton and everyone already knew it was going to happen and they just turned the other way.   Needless to say, it is growing stronger everyday and I pray that the U.S. can get it under control.

I'm starting to feel my rights are being trampled on too.  I didn't create this mess and I along with many other people are paying a hefty price.  I was planning on an early retirement of which now I am contemplating returning to work in the fall.  It is a hard decision.  Today I was invited to spend a romantic weekend at a spa on the northside of Monterrey on the way to Saltillo.  Dinner, thermal springs, star-gazing with professional astronomer, fancy room with a jacuzzi and an hour and a half massage Saturday morning.  I blew it in more ways than one.  I said we shouldn't be spending 500 dollars for an overnighter right now.   I feel like a heel. You see Sunday is Teacher's Day.  Here in Mexico it is a big thing and we are both teachers.   But, I am concerned about what the future will bring.  We can't sell the house or any other property, and that was part of our retirement package.  I feel like we should squirrel away some more cash.   I'm not saying we should sit at home and sulk all day but what should we do?   Funny, up until a year ago friends thought it was so cool that I lived in Mexico and always supported me.  Now it's "you should have never moved there, what a mistake, we never understood why you did that".  Great, thanks for the support.

When talking about what a wonderful life I had here in Mexico, I would joke around by saying  that someday it would bite me in the ass and I would have to go back to the states and become a Walmart greeter.  It is looking like more of a reality as time goes on.  

I can now understand why some people hate those who throw their rights around in other people's faces.  Especially when their rights come at such a cost to others around the world.  So much for a global society.  People aren't going to get away with laughing in the face of death.  And that my friends is what it has brought to Mexico.


  1. Pretty much I agree with you, but I also hate those that are perpetuating this violence. Guns are one thing, skinning people alive, beheading and killing with sledge hammers goes beyond guns. It's the zombies behind them, those with no feelings and no empathy for those they hurt. How did they get like this? Whatever, I'd happily lock them away forever or just kill them humanely and put them in the ground. I'm not a gun nut, I don't believe that there is any reason for a private person to have a rapid fire weapon, but I also hate those who use them.

    Drugs should be legalized, users should be given their drugs and isolated from normal society. We don't need them around and they aren't willing to contribute so give them a daily ration of beans and rice and whatever drug they want and keep them away from the rest of us. I really don't care what happens to them, although I strongly believe they should not be allowed to breed. How about we give them free drugs, a free place to stay, minimal food and water, and all of it laced with sterilization drugs. You want to destroy our life? Fine, you can't make us live with you and you can't bring children into that world.

  2. I agree that the users should be isolated, with minimum care and facilities. I used to think that is what we should have done with the closed military bases. Maybe let them grow their own food and drugs. They say they would do anything for a hit, so let them prove it. I think most are lazy s.o.b.'s, Maybe we should take a couple of old cruise ships, and use them as prisons. We could make monthly supply drops. Let them fish for dinner. No staff on board, fend for your self.

  3. I hate the gun lobbies in the US that would be happy to sell guns to anybody who can walk without any checks at all, and practically no (maybe zero)regulation of gun stores as to who they have sold to in what quantity. They'd be happy to have people packing everywhere in the US, too. It makes me crazy furious.