Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Did You Know This?

I guess I have been so wrapped up in what is going on here at home I didn't realize things were  so bad in the U.S.  I watched several videos yesterday and read some articles saying that Phoenix is the kidnap capitol of the U.S.  That really took me by surprise.  I knew things were spreading north but not like this. They say in Phoenix there is an average of one a day.  That's scary.  

America's Kidnap Capitol


  1. Funny how "news" reporting works. I have never heard of a single kidnapping in Phoenix but ABC news does one hour specials about kidnappings in Mexico.

    Go figure,
    Rick in So California

  2. Very true Rick. A lot is going on in the U.S. related to the drug issue but it appears many don't want to know about it, publish or accept it.
    Thank god for bloggers.

  3. Results of a recent review now claim that, although some should not have been reported as kidnappings, overall they UNDER-estimated the actual figures. When a smuggler will not release the victim until extra money is paid, is this a kidnapping in the usual sense of the word?

  4. Phoenix is reportedly held by the last letter. I think the US has already been very infiltrated but without narcofosas and gunfights they just dont' get the press.