Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Been A Rough Week

The heat has been unbelievable.  The temperatures have been hovering between 100F and 104F.  Nights are unbearable without the air conditioner.  I keep an eye on the meter and we have 11 days left on this bill and about 270 kwh left to spend.  That comes out to about 24 kwh per day so we are still ahead of the game.  If I wake up at night I usually turn it off and it stays cool until morning.  The house is much cooler here than in Monterrey.   There it is like an oven although we have come up with a system to shut off most of the house.  Let's face it, block construction is just not insulating.   

At night I open up the house here in the country and by morning, after watering the grass at night, the air is cool and fresh.  That is good until about noon and then I shut things down.  

The air conditioning unit in our house in San Antonio is on the blink and our very patient tentant is doing her best to deal with it.   We kind of got into it via email and then we called a truce.  She's a good egg raising two kids and a sister and works her butt off.  I need to cut her some slack.  We were hoping the people who did the original install of the central unit would be able to find the time to check it out but I guess service calls in a heat wave are off the charts.   I told our tenant to find somebody and get them out there to check it.  

We were going to go there but what can we do?  Not a whole lot and it is a six hour trip.   We decided we may just drive up to Laredo this weekend.  We need to get the batteries for the rv, my contacts are much cheaper there plus some vitamins.   A mini get-away for a day or two and we can go out for a nice dinner and a movie.  

A lot is going on around here and it is a fact that in our town things are calming down quite a bit.  Looks like the bad guys have moved on and are now terrorizing other parts of the metro area.  Also, tons of construction projects are slated for here that will bring some well-needed investment along with people who we hope will want to live here.  

July is around the corner and we are chomping at the bit.  Get those batteries installed, then the shower doors.  I am going to paint the yellowed plastic on the door window and the kitchen vent.  Looks cheap with the yellowed plastic against the white walls.

What else can I tell you about this week.  Read the border land beat blog and you will get the rest of the story.   I did a teacher training today for two hours.  It got me out of the house and into town, although I had just spent the night there.  We watched a bizarre movie that I highly recommend, Pi.  Man, Juan really knows how to pick bizarre movies, I love it.


  1. Kinda nice to be able to check up on you two just buying checking your Blog. Right now we are biding our time with Gizmo as he is probably in his last year with us, he is doing well for a 15 plus year old dog but every day we see a change now. He still enjoys life and we enjoy caring for him...even though the little bugger still bites me a about once a week. However we are thinking beyond and hoping that we will be able to hookup with you two at some point. Which brings me to my point. One of our Mexican destinations is to spend 10 or 12 days in Mexico City (the big tamale). We would love to see a blog entry from our favourite Mexican Blogist on "impressions of Mexico city". Covering everything from culture and must sees to security and location suggestions. And then of course when the time comes we would love to meet up with you and Juan again and discuss and solve all the worlds problems over a glass or 4 of Mexicos best Tequila. Todo en espanol por supuesto. Que pienses? :)

  2. OMG, my proof-reading sucks. Also wanted to mention, although we have seen Mexico by RV, we will visit the big Tamale via Air and Hotel.

    J and A

  3. Hi John,

    I can write the blog on my impressions of Mexico City.

    As for flying, best to park in Monterrey and then fly to the Big Tamal. Cheap. Flights during the week are every half hour and one hour en duración.

    It is truly a great experience and we have done just weekends because it is so cheap. Good food, cosmopolitan doesn't describe it.

    Most of all, if you haven't been to China (I never have) you get a feel for how they manage to keep things running for over 25 million people.

    We will be ready when you guys are. We make great D.F. tour guides.