Monday, May 30, 2011

A Before and After Shot

The weather continues hot across all of Mexico.  It was a relaxing Sunday after our marathon drive to the border and back. We spent time off and on in the pool cooling off.  The rest of the weekend was like the wild west here in Monterrey if you know what I mean.  Must be the heat.

Today I got up early and went to the gym coming home to my list of activities for the week.  One thing I wanted to do is paint the plastic on the trailer door window and the outside kitchen vent.  It yellowed very badly and looked old and worn out.  

I put up masking tape all around the trim and then covered the area about two feet all the way around the places to be painted.  I didn't want to take any chances with over spray.  It took some time but it was worth it.  Here is a before and after pic.



I have seen some rvs with the decals removed leaving the trailer completely white.  The decals are easy to remove but I think I would have to have the trailer professionally cleaned and waxed.  It sat in the sun for a couple of years at a dealer.  I am sure there is a big difference between the gelcoat that is covered by the decals..  Anyway, it is time for a good cleaning and wax job.  I bought some Barkeeper's Friend in Laredo to remove all the stains and streaks but I am still looking for a good wax.  Another project done and another added to the list.

BTW, most of you know that George from Tioga and George will be having surgery tomorrow.  Keep him in mind, I wish him a complete recovery.


  1. Very nice job on refreshing the trim! These things aren't easy. I wouldn't (and Chuck agrees!) touch the decals! Who knows what's under there and it could become a big problem!!!Like if there's some little ridge that needs sanding but overlaps with the rest of the exterior finish. We brought our rig used, and fortunately that is one thing we've never thought of doing - C's sufficiently occupied with bigger problems to not go beyond necessities, I think!

  2. Very professional! What paint did you use? Bothers the hell out of me that the materials they use on RV which will sit outside 24/7 can't stand up to the sun/weather. All of our plastic trim strips have shrunk about an inch and now the painted areas don't match.

  3. Chris, you guys need a vacation far away. Check out unbelievable video.

  4. Rick, that has been the news since Friday. The teacher did an excellent job, the kids were never in any real danger based on their location in the school and what was going on.

    These are the times we live in.

  5. Looking good Chris. You did a great job.

    Kevin and Ruth