Thursday, June 27, 2013

Día de Pendientes en SMA

Today was my day to do chores and errands. As I told you, the place was a little dusty.  I found a broom but there was no mop, so that was on my shopping list today.   
Woke up at 6 again, I guess that is my sleep in time when I am on vacation.  Makes me feel lazy.   It was a bit chilly this morning and I am not complaining.  The cats were waiting by my side to get up so I called them to come and talk to me.  Nice to have them although now I try to distance myself from them.  I get to close and then when the end comes it takes me years to get over it.  I'm such a sentimental jerk!

Looking up the street on the way to the gym.

  This is where I turn to go to the plaza near Weber's.  Always flowers in his hand.

If you've been here, you know this little church

I went to the gym this morning.  Turns out, Tinkerbell is a private instructor.  He literally flies around the room, I guess he has a lot of energy.   I'm not impressed.   Huffer puffer wasn't there so it was a good workout.  I was wondering why I was feeling tired and sluggish.  No wonder, the elevation will do a number on you.  In SMA we are at 1,900 meters (6,200 ft).   I feel much better psychologically knowing this. 

Came back home and fixed a couple of eggs and a yogurt.   Showered again and headed out to get a haircut.  When I got there, the barber was coloring a woman's hair so I had an opportunity to listen in on the local chisme (gossip).  Nothing noteworthy.   Then it was my turn.  I always make the same mistake.  I say "just a little" and then ask them to go back again and "take off a little more".   I should know by now, when they go to clean things up they always end up cutting off more.  Still happy though and I will go back to this guy.  He has good equipment and the shop has great energy.  Right here on the corner of Orizaba and 20 de Enero across from the Italian place.  40 pesos for cut.  

Came back and got the car and headed to Mega.  I bought the following; a half kilo of ground turkey, a liter of milk, broccoli, a mop, sandwich bags, trash bags, and a cheap set of plastic storage containers (26 pesos).  Oh, and two liters of vodka, at 51 pesos a bottle versus 85 pesos at home it is a real bargain.  Juan said to buy a case.  I went to the customer service desk to get an invoice for tax purposes and two old gringo farts walked up and had a water jug dispenser to return.  The girl behind the counter asked them what the issue was, and the guy said, "No" "Go" "Through", in a very, very loud voice thinking she would understand.   She looked at me and smiled and I said, "no se como nos aguantan", I don't know how you put up with us!  She laughed and I took off before any trouble began. Hey, I charge for translation.

Went to Banorte to get some cash and made the insurance payment and then headed to Telmex to pay the phone bill.   Two seconds, in and out.  Everything here works great, just like in Monterrey.   I stopped by the laundry to see if I could drop my linens off and pick them up the same day.  She said first come first serve so I need to get there before 10 a.m.

I came home and swept and gave the place a good mopping, twice!   I settled down to have a piece of pan dulce (oops, I didn't include that on the list of compras) and check my mail.  All of a sudden I heard someone saying, "hola, buenas tardes, hola" .  I got up and said, "dame un segundo, voy" (hold on, I'm coming) and changed my raggy shirt I had on and went to the door.  It was the owner's daughter.  I think she is a bit younger than I am, and a very attractive woman and in very good shape.  She wanted to know how things were going so I told her I had to do a good cleaning.  She was a bit embarrassed and she showed me where the silverware was.   I won't tell you as it will only embarrass me.   Very nice woman and I am happy here.

Took a nice nap, sent a report to the company in Texas as they owe me some dough.   I keep putting it off so I figured I should get it done.  They are gearing up for the fall and have quite a list of work so far.  They offered me a week in El Paso which is all expenses, hotel, rental car and good pay.  I said I would be more than happy.   Now I am fixing dinner, homemade pasta sauce with ground turkey and a big salad with broccoli.

Well folks, happy hour!


  1. Well, damn! I want to know where the heck the silverware is kept that you'd be embarrassed... we're not talking the family jewels here, are we? Oh well, we know how bad my Spanish is and how much it could get me in trouble. I, too, would have a problem making friends with the local kitties... and leaving. Nope! too much heartache. But... I still envy you your summer there.

  2. I got a haircut in downtown SMA once that cost me 650 pesos! The guy was bragging about being Toler Cranston's barber so I guess that is what I was paying for. It was no better a cut than I usually pay 40 pesos for.

    When is Juan joining you?